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    Why settle for boring gray concrete for your home or business? We offer a range of concrete services to achieve an economical yet custom look for your garage, basement, patio, or business. From epoxy floor coatings to stamped concrete solutions, we serve Nampa, ID homeowners and business owners with reliable concrete services.
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    Epoxy Floor Coating

    What Is Epoxy Flooring?

    This image shows a garage floor with flake epoxy painted floor.
    An epoxy floor coating is a protective and attractive coating that can be applied to new or old concrete surfaces. Our concrete epoxy doesn’t just protect your concrete from stains, moisture, and damage; it also looks great doing it. We offer a full array of high-grade epoxy concrete floor solutions for all types of applications.
    Homeowners often turn to epoxy coating systems to create a durable and high-performance garage floor epoxy surface. Our epoxy garage floor coating in Nampa, ID can resist vehicle traffic, dropped tools, moisture, oil, and gas with ease. The seamless concrete epoxy installation stops concrete dusting for good and creates a low-maintenance system that’s easy to sweep and mop.
    An epoxy basement floor in Nampa, Idaho is another popular solution. Rather than installing a traditional floor covering over your concrete, an epoxy coating helps waterproof your basement while delivering a completely seamless, slip-resistant, and attractive surface. Epoxy coatings can be as decorative as you want. A metallic epoxy floor can create a unique look in your basement or you may opt for a solid color, fleck epoxy, or a pattern of your choice.
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    Polished Concrete Floor
    As one of the leading concrete polishing companies in Nampa, Idaho, we offer reliable and economical concrete grinding and polishing to take your existing concrete floors to the next level.
    A polished concrete floor increases the durability and longevity of your concrete floor by sealing the pores in the concrete and densifying the surface. Polished concrete is a common solution for industrial and commercial flooring but it can also be a stunning choice for residential spaces, including basements and garages.
    Our concrete polishing contractors offer concrete polishing service for a range of applications. We install polished concrete in Nampa in:
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Retail stores
    • Office buildings
    • Warehouses
    • Fire stations
    • Museums
    • Garages
    • Basements
    • And more!
    Don’t be fooled into thinking a polished concrete floor needs to be cold and industrial. Because we use a multi-stage process to polish concrete, we can incorporate stains and varying levels of finishes to achieve just the look you’re going for. We can even incorporate graphics and floor logos into our custom polished concrete solutions or create a beautiful polished floor that looks like stunning stained wood.
    This image shows a commercial space with polished floor.

    A stained polished concrete floor comes with numerous benefits for residential and commercial clients. Our residential polished concrete floors resist stains, moisture, cracks, and other forms of damage. A polished concrete basement floor can expand your living space with a low-maintenance flooring solution that’s easy to clean. A polished concrete garage floor can also improve your home’s value and give you an ideal flooring solution for working on your car or hobbies.

    Because polished concrete uses the existing slab on grade without adding a new flooring material, it’s a cost-effective solution for businesses and homeowners. Our polishing process seals and densifies the surface of your concrete to create a hardworking surface that repels liquids and chemicals while resisting wear.
    Wood Stamped Concrete
    Love the look of a wood patio or hardwood floors but don’t want to spend time on daily maintenance, splinters, rot, and termites? We also install wood stamped concrete in Nampa, Idaho for commercial customers.
    Wood stamped concrete is a beautiful and economical solution to transform new or existing concrete slabs into durable surfaces that look just like wood planks. Concrete that looks like wood lasts as long as regular slab concrete and resists weather, wear, and damage. We install concrete wood floors in Nampa, Idaho for residential and commercial clients with a range of customization options.
    The stamped concrete wood look is great for adding texture, pattern, and luxury to pavements at shopping centers, malls, hospitals, and more.
    To create concrete floors that look like wood, we pour concrete and stamp it with specially made wood plank stamps before it sets fully. This imprints the concrete with the pattern and texture of realistic wood grain. Stains are also used to get natural color variations that mimic natural wood. If you have existing concrete that you would like to update, we can also apply a stamped overlay. If the concrete is in good condition, stamped concrete that looks like wood will be applied over the existing slab for a brand-new look.
    In Nampa, wood stamped concrete floors are very popular among homeowners for:
    • Basements for a water-resistant and attractive flooring solution
    • Garages to create a high-end yet resilient floor system
    • Pool decks to create a stunning oasis with a real “wow” factor
    This image shows a floor that has a wood Stamped Concrete Flooring.
    • Patios, decks, and walkways to achieve the look of wood plank with the longevity of concrete, minimal maintenance, and no rot or splinters
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    Garage Floor Epoxy
    Who says garages need to be dusty and dirty? Whether you enjoy working on your car, want to create the perfect home workshop, we can help. Say goodbye to your dirty, dusty, and cracked garage floor.
    One solution is wood stamped concrete. Concrete floors that look like wood can give your garage a high-end finish while performing even better than regular slab concrete. We can transform your existing concrete garage floor with a stamped concrete overlay. Before the new concrete fully sets, we stamp a texture and pattern using wood plank stamps. This is combined with stains to create the authentic look and feel of wood plank flooring.
    We offer several ways to transform your garage floor with durable and long-lasting solutions that look as great as they perform.
    Our Nampa garage floor epoxy contractors using a multi-step approach. Before the epoxy can be installed, we will repair and clean your existing concrete surface. All cracks and seams will be filled before we lift gas and oil stains from the surface. Your concrete may also be profiled with diamond grinding, which roughens the surface and opens millions of pores for a superior bond.
    This image shows a white car parked.
    A more popular solution is an epoxy garage floor coating. Garage epoxy creates a high-performance floor system that protects your concrete slab while resisting oil and gas stains, moisture, abrasion, and more. Garage floor epoxy in Nampa, Idaho is the perfect solution for the home mechanic or hobbyist because it can withstand even the harshest conditions without showing its age. Even better, the garage epoxy can last 15 to 20 years or longer with very little care. The seamless surface can be easily swept and mopped to keep it looking pristine. With our garage floor epoxy, you can achieve the exact look you want with your choice of attractive colors, finishes, and effects. For Garage floor painting needs in Ann Arbor, Michigan contact our partner.
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      How long will the typical epoxy floor last?
      The answer will depend on many important factors such as the quality of the installation, the grade of epoxy, how well your concrete is prepared, and the type and amount of wear it’s subjected to. While a DIY epoxy kit may only last a few years, professionally installed epoxy flooring can last 10-20 years or longer. Commercial epoxy usually lasts around a decade. Epoxy installed in areas without UV exposure and minimal wear, such as a basement or garage, can last more than 20 years.
      How will the concrete surface be prepared?
      We use a multi-stage approach to prepare your concrete floor for epoxy resin. Surface preparation is one of the most essential steps to ensure proper bonding and a superior final result. Our concrete preparation includes:
      • Lifting stains to ensure the epoxy bonds with the concrete. Oil and gas stains should be lifted with a degreaser.
      • Filling cracks and joints. This is important for bonding and to ensure the final epoxy floor is smooth and flawless.
      • Fixing damage. If you have any damaged areas of concrete, such as crumbling areas or low spots, we will take the time to fix them.
      • Sweeping for proper bonding.
      • Diamond grinding. This step helps correct irregularities in the surface, remove contaminants, and open the pores of the concrete for superior adhesion of the epoxy.
      Do you do commercial epoxy flooring or only residential flooring?
      We install epoxy flooring for commercial and residential customers in Nampa, Idaho. Along with garage and basement residential epoxy flooring, we also install commercial epoxy for a wide range of industries like healthcare, office buildings, public safety buildings, restaurants, and retail stores.
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