Concrete grinding and polishing is one of the leading solutions for commercial and industrial properties to achieve an attractive yet high-performance finish. There has even been a growing demand for residential polished concrete floors in Nampa, Idaho and elsewhere in the United States.
Polished concrete floors are beautiful and durable in a wide range of settings with the flexibility to be installed nearly anywhere. Whether you are considered polished concrete for a retail store, hotel, medical center, or your home, we are here to help with economical and reliable concrete polishing service.
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    Benefits of Nampa

    Polished Concrete

    A polished concrete floor offers many unique benefits for homeowners as well as commercial and retail facilities. As one of the leading concrete polishing companies in Nampa, we deliver superior results with a great value. Here are some of the most important benefits of our concrete polishing service in Nampa.
    This image shows an industrial plant that has a polished floor.

    Cost Savings

    Homeowners and facility managers can enjoy tremendous cost savings by using the existing slab on grade as the finish floor rather than applying a traditional floor covering. Concrete polishing is an economical solution that makes concrete not only more attractive but also reduces maintenance expenses in the long run.
    This image shows a man working on the car.

    Resists Damage and Wear

    The polishing process densifies and seals the concrete floors to create a surface that’s less porous. This helps your polished concrete floor repel water, oil, chemicals, and more. The floor will also offer better resistance to wear and damage from other sources such as vehicle traffic, foot traffic, and dropped objects.
    This image shows an industrial plant that has a polished floor.

    Low Maintenance

    A polished concrete floor is easy to clean and maintain to reduce facility costs or increase convenience for the homeowner. Our polished concrete eliminates the need for concrete coatings and waxes plus the labor and expense that comes with them. Polished concrete produces a wear-resistant glossy surface that can resist marks from even forklift tires and stains from chemicals and oil.
    This image shows an industrial plant that has a polished floor.

    Reflective Surface

    Polished concrete in Nampa is an excellent solution for increasing light and brightness in your space. The high reflectivity of polished concrete can reduce lighting needs and project a clean, professional appearance. This is especially important in restaurants, hotels, offices, and other public spaces.
    This image shows a shiny floor.

    Customizable Appearance

    Concrete polishing is a multi-step process. This makes it easy to customize the final appearance of your floor. Business owners and homeowners can choose the level of sheen in terms of appearance and maintenance with options ranging from stain to high-gloss. Polishing can give your concrete floors a high level of shine like polished granite or marble. If you want the look of stone, a stained polished concrete floor is also an option. Applying a stain during the polishing process results in integrated color. We can even achieve a beautiful terrazzo look by grinding further into the concrete to expose aggregate.

    Other Benefits of Polished Concrete

    • Reduced tire wear for vehicles. When your concrete floor is polished, it will remove uneven joints and areas of damage to create a smooth, even surface. This reduces tire wear on vehicles.
    • Slip resistance. Mechanically polished concrete floors offer better friction to exceed OSHA standards.
    • Improves the condition and appearance of aging concrete. Using a grinder to polish your concrete floor removes the top surface of your aging concrete floor. This results in a stronger and more attractive surface.
    • LEEDS friendly flooring. Polished concrete in Nampa, ID is a LEEDS-friendly solution for all types of businesses. A polished concrete floor removes the need for coating products and harsh chemicals for a sustainable flooring solution.
    This image shows an industrial plant that has a polished floor.
    Our concrete polishing contractors can achieve several different sheen levels and finishes with numerous other benefits depending on your application. Here are some other benefits you can enjoy.
    Applications for

    Polished Concrete

    As one of the leading concrete polishing companies in Nampa, we polish concrete for industrial, commercial, and residential clients for a range of applications.
    This versatile solution closes the pores in your concrete to withstand oil and chemical spills, water, heavy traffic, and more. Despite being a commercial-grade flooring solution, it’s also highly customizable and can look beautiful in a home basement, too.
    • Fire stations and other public buildings.
    • Public restrooms.
    • Retail stores and grocery stores
    • Car showrooms and auto shops.
    • Office buildings
    • Restaurants and hotels.
    • Warehouses and outlets. Polished concrete can withstand forklifts and heavy loads with ease.
    This image shows a white car parked.
    • Residential. Polished concrete basement floors are growing in popularity as a water-resistant, slip-resistant, and economical flooring solution. A polished concrete garage floor is another popular solution to achieve a beautiful garage that can resist gas and oil spills, dropped tools, and more. Polished concrete can also be a solution for other residential living spaces.
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    Have questions about concrete grinding and polishing in Nampa? We are just a phone call away! In the meantime, here are a few frequently asked questions that may address your concerns.
    Will the floors be slippering after they are polished?
    It’s a common misconception that polished concrete floors in Nampa, Idaho are slippery and dangerous. Actually, polished concrete may look as smooth as glass but it’s very safe to walk on when it’s dry and clean. Polished concrete floors are even less slippery than polished marble and applying an anti-slip additive to the final sealer coat can make the floor even safer. When a polished concrete floor is kept clean and properly maintained, it can be one of the safest floors available.
    How is the concrete polished?
    Polished concrete in Nampa, Idaho is achieved through diamond grinding and chemical treatments as well as diamond honing and polishing to achieve a smooth finish. We polish concrete using specialized polishing equipment and synthetic diamonds embedded in metal or ceramic binders. After the concrete pores are opened with an initial grinder, we follow up with several passes of successively finer-grit diamond grinding products to achieve your desired finish. The process is completed with any color you want and a protective finish.
    Can you provide a free estimate?
    Yes, we are happy to provide a free estimate for concrete grinding and polishing in Nampa, Idaho. Please give us a call to schedule a free assessment of your existing concrete so we can determine the amount of prep work necessary. We will provide a free written estimate based on the level of finish, square footage, and prep work required.

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