Don’t waste your time on low-grade epoxy kits and epoxy “paints” when you’re ready to give your garage an update. Our epoxy garage floor installers deliver superior results with attention to detail, careful prep work, and commercial-grade epoxy products that stand the test of time. With a low installation cost, a lifespan of 10 to 20 years, and unlimited decorative options, what’s holding you back from making one of the best possible investments in your home?
With garage floor epoxy in Nampa, Idaho, your garage can become more than an unorganized, dusty, and dark space. You can finally have the man cave you’ve always wanted, a bright home gym, or a clean space to work on hobbies or change your car’s oil. Our garage floor epoxy contractors in Nampa install only the best garage floor epoxy coatings to make your garage the envy of the neighborhood and even boost your home’s value.
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    Transform Your Garage
    Nampa Garage Floor Epoxy
    Nampa garage floor epoxy is an economical solution that delivers dramatic results. With a garage epoxy coating, you can stop concrete dusting for good, make your floor up to 300% brighter, and enjoy a colorful garage floor that's easy to clean and maintain. In just one or two days, your garage can become something fun and new. Our garage floor epoxy contractors can help you choose the right formulation and decorative options to meet your needs and your budget.
    Top Benefits of

    Garage Floor Epoxy in Nampa

    We install garage epoxy coatings that are strong enough for even demanding commercial applications yet decorative enough for your home. Professional garage floor epoxy can withstand almost anything you throw at it for years without showing wear and tear, stains, or damage. Here’s why so many homeowners in Nampa are investing in quality garage epoxy
    This image shows a garage floor with flake epoxy painted floor.

    Seamless & Low Maintenance

    A fluid applied floor system creates a virtually seamless and nonporous surface that eliminates nooks, crannies, and cracks for debris and dirt to hide. This makes it easy to maintain your garage floor epoxy with little care. Oil, gas, and other spills are isolated on the surface for easy cleanup. Your garage epoxy can be swept, mopped, and even power washed if you have a cove base to maintain the bright, clean garage you love.
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    Limitless Design Choices

    An epoxy garage floor coating in Nampa, ID can be as simple or sophisticated as you want. If you want something simple and classy, a single color epoxy floor can give you the look of an auto showroom. For a bit more visual interest, we can broadcast epoxy flakes over the surface for texture and the look of granite. From there, you can choose highly personalized garage epoxy systems like a metallic epoxy garage floor or custom shapes, patterns, and even logos.
    This image shows a garage floor with flake epoxy painted floor.

    Long-Lasting System

    If you have ever installed an epoxy floor yourself, you may assume epoxy flooring simply isn’t made to last long. While this is true of DIY epoxy kits, professionally installed garage floor epoxy in Nampa, ID can actually last a really long time. On average, our garage epoxy systems last at least 10 years but they can last much longer, even up to 20 years without much care. When you consider the fairly low installation cost and the long life, garage floor epoxy makes a great investment for your home that can boost its value with an impressive return on your investment.
    This image shows a garage floor with flake epoxy painted floor.

    Impressive Durability

    It’s a common misconception that epoxy isn’t much different than paint but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. An epoxy garage floor coating actually bonds with and strengthens your concrete floor to increase its tensile strength. Its seamless, nonporous surface is strong enough to resist even harsh industrial settings like factories and hold up against road salt, hot tires, abrasion, dropped objects, gasoline and oil, moisture, and much more. With regular cleaning, your epoxy will look as good in 10 years as it does today.
    This image shows a garage floor with flake epoxy painted floor.

    Economical Flooring

    Despite its strength and versatility, our high-quality garage floor epoxy doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. In fact, even decorative epoxy flooring can be very affordable with a cost of no more than $5-6 per square foot if your concrete is in good condition. That’s a small price to pay considering our epoxy garage floor installers can deliver beautiful results that last 10-20 years. Epoxy flooring is one of the most affordable home improvement projects you can choose with a great return on investment.
    Professional Garage Floor Epoxy Is a

    Smart Investment

    Thinking of using a DIY garage epoxy kit? While it might deliver the results you’re looking for, it can never compare to the high-grade garage floor epoxy professionals use combined with expert concrete preparation that delivers a strong and long-lasting bond.
    Don’t expect a $200 epoxy kit and a few hours over the weekend to compare to the results you can achieve with professional epoxy garage floor installers. Even industrial-grade garage floor epoxy in Nampa, ID that’s installed by the experts doesn’t represent a huge investment: it’s actually one of the most affordable floor systems you can choose. For your money, you will enjoy far superior results, however.
    Unlike the inferior 30-40% solids epoxy you get in a kit with a mild acid wash, our garage floor epoxy pros use only 100% solids solvent-based epoxy that’s formulated for even heavy-duty commercial applications. We install multi-layer epoxy systems on concrete that’s prepared with repairs and diamond grinding or shot blasting that profiles the concrete’s surface to guarantee a strong bond that can last 10-20 years. By comparison, most DIY epoxy installations fail within one to three years due to a variety of issues like low-grade epoxy, damaged concrete, improper concrete prep work, installation errors, and more.
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