As one of the leading garage floor epoxy companies in Nampa, Idaho, our contractors have the experience and expertise necessary to deliver superior results.
Our professional garage floor epoxy installation can transform your garage into a bright, clean, and welcoming space with durable yet attractive flooring. With our team of dedicated epoxy garage flooring installers, you can say goodbye to your dusty and worn-out garage for good.
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    What Is Garage Epoxy?
    Our garage floor epoxy
    Epoxy flooring is a durable solution that is different than paint. Epoxy resin cures into a strong cross-linked polymer that can withstand all types of damage like chemical exposure, abrasion, puncture, and gas spills that would stain or damage untreated concrete or other flooring systems. Our garage floor epoxy contractors apply epoxy as a thick liquid resin and hardener. When these components are combined, a chemical reaction allows the epoxy to cure. Epoxy flooring is stronger than the underlying concrete and forms a protective yet decorative coating.
    Benefits of Nampa

    Garage Floor Epoxy Systems

    We love installing garage floor epoxy because it can completely update a garage while creating a hardworking and long-lasting solution. Hobbyist, home mechanics, and homeowners appreciate garage floor epoxy in Nampa, Idaho because it’s seamless, easy to clean, durable, and attractive. Installation is even quick, taking just a day or two. Not sure if an epoxy garage floor coating is worth the investment? Here are some of our favorite benefits of professional garage floor epoxy in Nampa.
    This image shows a man painting an industrial floor using a paint roller.

    Fast Professional Installation

    Our garage floor epoxy contractors have decades of combined experience installing professional-grade garage epoxy. With this expertise and commercial-grade equipment, our epoxy garage flooring installer can get the job done quickly. For most garages, installation takes just 1-2 days plus up to 5 days to cure fully. Despite our fast installation, we never cut corners to properly prepare your concrete floor for superior results.
    This image shows an industrial plant that has an epoxy floor.

    Low-Maintenance Flooring

    Imagine a garage floor that’s easy to sweep and even mop without the concrete dusting always leaving a new mess to track into your home. Garage floor epoxy in Nampa, ID creates a seamless floor that can be easily swept and mopped. Garage epoxy also stops concrete dusting for good. Your new floor will also isolate spills and resist stains, even from oil and gasoline.
    This image shows 2 men applying epoxy paint on a floor.

    Professional Installation Lasts 10+ Years

    If you have ever used or seen DIY epoxy, you may be under the impression that an epoxy garage floor coating is merely a short-term solution.
    The truth is professional garage floor epoxy can easily last 10-20+ years with very little maintenance. One of the secrets to a long-lasting surface is careful preparation of your concrete floor. We also use only the highest quality epoxy, not paints with only a small percentage of epoxy.
    This image shows a white car parked.

    Resists Damage

    Our Nampa garage epoxy coating formulations are designed to withstand all types of harsh conditions in your garage, from temperature changes and moisture to dropped objects and spilled chemicals. Your new garage epoxy floor resists abrasion, scratches, and damage from cars and lawnmowers as well as moisture, gas, and oil for a long-lasting solution.
    This image shows a man painting a floor using a paint brush.

    Customize Your Garage Epoxy

    We make it easy to achieve just the look you want in your garage. Do you want a fire engine red car showroom or a sleek white epoxy floor? Do you prefer a solid color or even your favorite sports team’s logo? What about something unique like a metallic epoxy garage floor that looks like flowing water, lightning, lava, or molten metal? We can bring your vision to life with limitless options to customize your epoxy floor.
    Our Professional Garage

    Floor Epoxy Process

    You want a seamless, smooth, and flawless epoxy installation. To achieve this, our garage floor epoxy contractors in Nampa, Idaho use a multi-step approach. It all begins with surface preparation.
    We don’t cut corners. We take the time to correct damage to your concrete, remove surface imperfections, and open the concrete pores with diamond grinding. Stains will be lifted and cracks will be filled to ensure proper adhesion and a flawless final result.
    Once your concrete is repaired with no cracks or debris, we apply a quality primer to help the epoxy bind. Several coats of high-quality epoxy may be applied to create a durable and long-lasting flooring solution. After the base coat, we will add metallic chips or colored chips to add density, texture, and color while creating your chosen effect. The final step is a clear top coat to add depth and a beautiful glossy finish. Non-slip additives can also be added to the top coat to make your floor safe when wet.
    This image shows a man painting a floor with a roller brush.
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    Questions for our garage floor epoxy contractors in Nampa, ID? Curious about how a garage epoxy coating can transform your garage? We are a phone call away! Here are a few common questions we receive to get you started.
    How durable is an epoxy garage floor?
    Garage epoxy is one of the most durable flooring solutions. Our high-performance epoxy garage floor coating can hold up against abrasion, water, oil, gasoline, and tires without deteriorating or showing its age. It also lasts 10-20+ years for a long-term garage flooring solution.
    Can the epoxy be applied over existing cracks?
    No, we will not apply epoxy resin to cracks and joints in your concrete floor. These cracks will prevent the epoxy from bonding properly, contribute to cracks in the epoxy in the future, and prevent us from achieving a smooth, flawless surface. We take the time to carefully prepare your concrete floor before the epoxy resin is applied. This includes filling all cracks and repairing any damaged areas before grinding the surface to open pores and achieve a strong bond. Crack-chasing or cutting the cracks to remove loose material may be used before the cracks are vacuumed and filled with an epoxy crack filler.
    If the epoxy cracks, can it be repaired?
    It’s uncommon for garage floor epoxy to crack. This may happen when the underlying concrete slab develops a crack that telegraphs into the epoxy coating, however. Fortunately, most cracks are tiny hairline cracks that you may not even notice without close inspection, especially with a decorative flake coating. These tiny cracks don’t need to be repaired and won’t impact the performance of the floor. If your garage epoxy coating develops more serious cracks, it’s likely caused by movement in the concrete. A coating that is extensively cracked shouldn’t be recoated; instead, the old coating will need to be stripped and replaced.
    How long do I need to wait before using my garage floor epoxy?
    Your epoxy must cure fully before you drive on the surface. While light foot traffic is okay after the first day, we recommend limiting any traffic for the first 48 hours. Avoid driving on the garage epoxy flooring for the first 5 days. This gives the epoxy the time to fully cure and bond with the concrete.

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